Open Mic Night: Life Stories

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”
We go through various stages in our lives starting from a wailing blob to a kid who is fascinated with the world around them to a man/woman fending for ourselves till we reach old age and with death become one with earth. Experiences, individuals, places teach us something expanding our mind and sometimes trauma/death/disease or just life experiences affects us on such a deep level that we sometimes get stuck in a rut.

Whether life has taught you a valuable lesson (your A-ha/Eureka moment) that changed your life-path or some regrets of the IFs and Buts that changed you as a person, come share that with an audience. Doing so you could inspire another generation into action, achieve closure or perhaps allow you to visualize the matter in a different light. People of all age, shapes and sizes are welcome to perform.

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